Red caviar
Sunrise (red)
Pink caviar
Pink Pearl (pink)
Yellow caviar
Chartreuse (pale yellow)
Green caviar
Emerald (green)


Finger lime caviar – 4 natural varieties/colours:

Finger lime caviar is available in 4 natural varieties/colours quick frozen in 22.5g lots in food-safe containers – Sunrise (red), Pink Pearl (pink), Chartreuse (pale yellow), Emerald (green). The colour of may vary naturally within and between varieties. The 22.5g lots are packed to order in insulated cartons of 3 sizes – 45g cartons (2 x 22.5g lots), 90g cartons (4 x 22.5g lots), 180g cartons (8 x 22.5g lots).

You select the variety/colour, carton size(s) and how many you need.


Our minimum order quantity (MOQ) ensures that the product is delivered undamaged at minus 18°C or colder. To that end, each foam box is packed with 160 x 22.5g lots, in 80 x 45g cartons, or in 40 x 90g cartons, or in 20 x 180g cartons, or in an agreed mix.

We cannot deliver less than an MOQ.

Ex deliveries:

We will deliver by air to agreed international airports.

Australia deliveries:

We will deliver within Australia by air and/or road as appropriate.


Please contact us – or +61 417 373 073 – for additional information, including our current prices.


Finger lime caviar has a myriad of culinary and mixologist uses. It matches perfectly with oysters, all other seafood (cold and hot) including sashimi and sushi, carpaccio, curries, Asian salads, fresh and processed fruit, cheeses, desserts, ice cream, yoghurt, cakes, cocktails, mocktails, G&T, sparkling wine etc etc.

Perfect for lateral thinking Chefs.

We are a Licensed Food Processor, HACCP certified and HARPC compliant

45g (2 x 22.5g lots)
45g (2 x 22.5g lots)
90g (4 x 22.5g lots)
180g (8 x 22.5g lots)