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About the finger lime

About our lime caviar

The finger lime is Australia’s unique and amazing citrus – citrus australasica. Many varieties of this magnificent fruit still grow wild as an understory tree in and about the rainforest areas of south east Queensland and the northern rivers of New South Wales.

The skin of the finger lime contains hundreds of juice-full pearls (vesicles). Their taste and colour differs naturally from one variety to another and within varieties.

Finger lime pearls were consumed as a food by indigenous Australians for many thousands of years before the citron – citrus medica – became known in the Mediterranean region in about 300 BC.

The pearls of the finger lime are often referred to as Australia’s superfood because of their immunity-boosting nutrition. 


Our lime caviar is 100% natural finger lime pearls (vesicles), extracted from quality fresh finger limes, frozen and packed for dispatch.

It is delicate, delicious, haute cuisine ready and is available all-year in 4 varieties – Sunrise (red), Pink Pearl (pink), Chartreuse (yellow) and Emerald (green).

It is additive-free, gluten-free, allergen-free, vegan and high in folate, potassium and vitamins C and E.

The taste, texture and structure of the juice-full pearls is amazing and addictive – they ‘pop’ in the mouth with bursts of exquisite flavour “…… like little lime angels dancing on your tongue.” (Scott Buchholz MP)

Launched to the market in mid 2018, lime caviar can now be found in an increasing number of  top-end restaurants, cocktail bars, hotels, resorts, casinos, convention centres, catering houses and retail outlets around the world.

We recommend that it be served frozen. It is spoonable and thaws readily. The frozen shelf life is long.

Who we are

Innovation Trophy

The Lime Caviar Company is a premier grower of finger limes and the producer of lime caviar. Our family owned farm and modern processing facility is located high in the rainforest zone of the stunning Scenic Rim mountains, 100km south of Brisbane and inland from the Gold Coast. 

Our lime caviar has won several accolades, including two delicious. Produce Awards Gold Medals and the Outstanding Innovation Trophy 2017. We are a market leader and the world’s only producer of 100% natural spoonable frozen finger lime pearls. 

“We take great pride in our magnificent innovative product and in the service we provide. Our lime caviar is produced using IP developed and refined in-house. We export it without being restricted by the ‘fruit fly barriers’ that are in place in many countries that  prevent the commercial entry of fresh Australia-grown finger limes”.

Ian & Margie Douglas

It doesn’t grow on trees!

…but close to it … all we do … with a touch of magic … is extract the pearls from their skins, repack them in food-safe containers and freeze them so that their natural flavour, their juice and their ‘pop’ is preserved … and WOWWEE! … we have lime caviar .

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