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About Finger Lime Caviar

Finger Lime Caviar, fresh and frozen, has a myriad of culinary uses, including on oysters, with sushi and sashimi, in curries, salads, desserts, yoghurt and ice cream. They are also fabulous in champagne, a G&T or a Vodka.

Their use is only limited by the imagination …

Inside the finger lime’s skin are hundreds of lime juice filled pearls - the Finger Lime Caviar - which burst in the mouth with a unique explosion of flavour - the colour of the ‘caviar’ varies from variety to variety and can be opaque, yellow, green, pink, orange or red and shades in between.

Finger limes have many health benefits; they are rich in vitamin C, folate and antioxidants.

The Lime Caviar Company is GLOBALG.A.P. certified (GGN4056186006578), black spot free and meets all MRL requirements for export to the European Union. We are registered under the Australia / New Zealand, China / Australia, Japan / Australia and Thailand / Australia free trade agreements.

We follow strict quality control procedures to ensure that our customers receive finger limes of the highest quality, whether fresh or frozen. They are as good as they get.


Hope for finger lime growers: Speech to Parliament

Scott Buchholz MP

Our season and more

Our picking season

Our picking season begins in JANUARY and tapers-off in JUNE.

The varieties we grow

Our main varieties are Emerald, Yellow and Byron Sunrise. We also grow Alstonville, Judy’s Everbearing and Pink.


The start of picking and packing periods differ from one variety to another.