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Their use is only limited by the imagination …

About Our Finger Limes

Our finger limes are 100% pure and natural. They are always picked-to-order, carefully packed and dispatched - all within 24 hours - to ensure that you receive them fresh and in prime condition.

Our picking season runs from late January to early June. We grow a number of varieties, including Emerald, Yellow, Alstonville, Rainforest Pearl and Byron Sunrise. Nature tells us when each variety should be picked. We do not compromise on quality by picking during or immediately after heavy rain. Monsoonal rain will delay picking from time to time.

We proudly supply many customers in Australia - restaurants, hotels, caterers, providores, home users - and we export fresh finger limes to France, Holland, Italy, Spain, Singapore, Hong Kong and elsewhere.

Our finger limes have myriad culinary uses.

They are as good as they get!


About our lime caviar

The Lime Caviar Company is the only supplier of Australia’s new award-winning finger lime product - lime caviar.

lime caviar is 100% pure and natural Australian finger lime pearls.

The pearls are frozen and spoonable. They are extracted from premium quality fresh finger limes. We batch them in two colour ranges, opaque to bright green and pale pink to red.

lime caviar has no additives, no preservatives, no artificial colouring. It is high in vitamin C, folate and antioxidants and has a frozen shelf lifein excess of twelve months.

lime caviar has myriad culinary uses. It is destined to be a delight to chefs and bartenders around the world.
Welcome to the lime caviar party - enjoy a new and unique experience!

The Lime Caviar Company, its finger limes and its lime caviar product are the on-going passions of Ian and Margie Douglas.

“We see a world demand for gourmet quality Australian finger limes and finger lime products that is out-pacing supply. I have no doubt that this, in part, is because finger limes grown in our country are superior to those grown elsewhere; and no wonder, the finger lime is uniquely Aussie!”

We are proud to have been awarded a national Gold Medal and the Outstanding Innovation Trophy for our lime caviar as part of the delicious PRODUCE AWARS 2017.

The Lime Caviar Company Pty Ltd is GLOBAL.G.A.P. and HACCP compliant, Black Spot free and our farm meets the strict MRL requirements of the EU.